About ProActive
Therapeutic Massage, LLC

As the name implies, ProActive Therapeutic Massage is proactive in its approach. Like any good health practice, clients are interviewed, issues are identified, and a suitable protocol is designed to address the individual’s concerns. Unlike so many other massage practices where a "get-em-in-get-em-out" mentality tends to run the show, ProActive Therapeutic Massage considers the client to be the primary healer, and the therapist as more of a facilitator or guide in the healing process. What ProActive Therapeutic Massage is not, is a day spa. What we are is a wellness center. What we do is heal.

At ProActive Therapeutic Massage, care for the client goes beyond the massage itself. After the massage, the client may be tasked with looking into their own day-to-day lives to discover habits which may contribute to their ailments. This is especially true in cases where muscle strain and injury is more serious, or where there seems to be a pattern of injury. As a result, the client discovers the hows-and-whys of their own aches and pains. Through personal discovery does the client learn to be “proactive” in their own health and well being. With practice do they become responsible for it. 

As a result of becoming proactive about their health, clients experience breakthroughs, insights, and ah-ha moments that were never expected. Often times, the client will laugh in surprise by what they discover about themselves, thereby adding humor and levity to the process of healing. Read what others have to say...

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