Introductory OfferS

Are you new? Want to come in today? This is for you! Get $20 off your first 1.5-hour massage, or get $15 off your first 1-hr massage. Schedule yourself, create your profile, and make your purchase, in that order, all in one sitting. You won't be charged a thing until you've found the perfect day and time to receive your discounted massage.

GifT Card for a friend

Visit the Discounted Gift Cards page at the online store and customize a gift card for someone you care about. Same great discount as the Introductory Offer above, plus — and here comes the fun part — you can pick a picture to match the occasion, add your own text, include your friend's email address, and then set the day and time it should be delivered. How cool is that?!


— A whole hour for free that is!


Yep, when you send THREE new clients, you'll get an hour on the table for FREE! Get three of your friends in on an Introductory Offer above and you'll get the hour-long massage of your choice absolutely FREE!

First, you and your friends purchase an Introductory Offer and create an online profile, one for each person. (Be sure everybody enters your name as their referral in their profile!) Then, just seven days after the last payment from friend #3 has been received, you get an email saying that your FREE hour-long massage is ready to be scheduled whenever you are. You get your free massage, your friends get their discounted massages, and everybody wins!

deeply discounted packages


Already a client and looking for a deep discount? Look no further. Visit the Member Discounted Packages page at the online store and get a 5-pak or a 10-pak of either 1-hour or 1.5 hour massages, discounted at either 10% or 15% off! Save anywhere from $42.50 to $172.50. That's not bad! Plus, you get 6 months in which to use your 5-pak, and 12 months in which to use your 10-pak of massages. What are you waiting for?!

As always, you can take an extra $5 off any regularly-priced hour or hour-and-a-half massage just by paying with cash or check.