"Our intention is to leave each and every client feeling refreshed and invigorated, whole, and very much alive."

— ProActive Therapeutic Massage, LLC Mission Statement


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  • Had my first session with Harrison yesterday afternoon and was extremely pleased in every way. Professional, personable, warm energy, skilled, this man is everything I look for in a therapist. Look forward to many more sessions with this man!

Craig T, Phoenix

  • Overdue...

    So much to love about meeting Harrison! So much of the conversation left that lasting impression in my mind, that mental shift that finally I was actually taking care of ME. The Depth of the Massage was intense and so instantly healing, I just loved the connection and comfort that Harrison immediately delivered. I know that keeping up on myself and with Harrison in my life, I will combat the daily stresses and just knowing that this kind of massage should not be a treat, it needs to be a solid part of life! Finally a real' massage with someone who could identify where I needed the work, and not a fluffy spa moment that lasts for exactly that, the moment. So Grateful.

Samantha S.,  Phoenix

  • On the road to feeling normal! 

    This was my first deep tissue massage with Harrison and it was a very enlightening appointment. I learned a lot about my body and why it was feeling the way it was. I'm very grateful for this education as I now know what I can do to assist in healing my body. I felt instant relief from the pressure I was feeling in my chest when Harrison worked on my upper chest muscles. I will definitely be a repeat customer and I've already schedule two additional massages. Thank you so much for helping me feel better.

Linda B., Black Canyon City

  • Harrison knows what he is doing!

    I recently had my first deep-tissue massage with Harrison. He definitely knows what he is doing and helped me tremendously with my back pain. He takes the time to figure out exactly what your needs are and focuses on trouble parts of your body. I highly recommend.

Joshua S., Phoenix 

  • Makes you realize how your body works! Harrison is good at understanding client problem before he works on your body. He gave valuable ideas to overcome the chronic pain in the body. Its worth going to meet him for your problem. Thank you so much.  

Naga Y., Scottsdale

  • Just wanted to say that my massage with Harrison was absolute PERFECTION! I thought I lost the range of motion in my shoulders due to my arthritis and within no time Harrison improved it 100%! I was totally amazed and shocked with the remarkable results of my deep tissue massage. Give it a try you will not be disappointed, I will be returning! 

Jerry K., Phoenix

  • I saw a deal online and decided to book an appointment with Harrison. From the minute I walked in until the massage was complete I felt very welcomed. He was very attentive and asked questions that no massage therapist had ever asked in regards to what my body needed. I felt a more personal connection vs a number at your chain massage places of business.

Ok let's get to the massage. It was honestly probably one of the best massages I've received, he explained different anatomy & physiology aspects to why and what he was doing. The massage was deep tissue so it felt amazing. When the massage was complete I noticed an instant change in posture and as well as the position of my shoulders. I've already booked my next appointment with Harrison. I can't wait. 

Israel S., Phoenix

  • This is a very professional and well talented Massage Therapist. I felt very comfortable throughout the process. I will be returning!

Patrick F., Phoenix 

  • Harrison has a true gift! From the very beginning, you feel like you've known him for a long time. He's personable and genuinely cares about your health and well being. I showed up due to some significant neck pains that have been keeping me out of the gym for 2+ weeks. Harrison spent extra time and care to work on my challenges and alleviate my pain. By the end of my session I was in tears because I could move my neck without pain.

    If you're looking for a massage therapist who knows the body, knows how muscles work together and is passionate about his art - then hands down - Harrison is your guy. I've already made an appointment to go back. I only have one body and it's my obligation to take care of it.

Colleen S., Phoenix

  • Having trouble sleeping? Go see Harrison! Seriously, hands down, best massage I have ever received. I feel and SLEEP so much better! Harrison is very knowledgeable and gifted. He knew exactly what I needed and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Before I saw him, my neck was extremely stiff and had a poor range of motion. After that massage, my neck feels almost 100% - he really knows what he's doing. I will definitely recommend him from now on. Thanks again Harrison! You did a Wonderful job and I feel great! 

Jill H. (Groupon), Phoenix

  • Great Deep-Tissue Sports Massage! It was impressive that Harrison took the time at the beginning to ask such specific questions to understand my work/activity level, to better cater the massage. I've had deep tissue massages in the past but this was different: more intense, focused on specific areas, using techniques I had never experienced, like the one for shoulders! I work out every day - running, hiking, stadium bleachers - so I was looking for a strong massage. Harrison targeted muscles and got to the root of soreness/pain. The next day my body felt better, more relaxed & less stressed. Thank you Harrison! 

Laura C., Phoenix

  • Awesome Massage! I had my first deep tissue message and I must say that it was a pretty good massage. I love getting a massage because it relieves tension that you might have built up. With that being said, I would definitely recommend that you try ProActive Therapeutic Massage you will feel 10pounds lighter! 

Keesha A., Phoenix

  • I'm so relieved that it has only taken me just over a year to find THE PERFECT massage therapist. Harrison is a perfectionist. He is also passionate about what he does. Getting through his vetting process is worth every minute on the table. This massage is not the 'day spa' type of massage. Harrison's hands are healing hands. He asks a ton of questions and gives great advice. He doesn't rush as he gets to know your body and educates you as he goes along. After over 90 min on the table, my much needed body felt lighter, looser. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 

Rene A., Phoenix

  • I was given a certificate for a massage with Harrison as a gift. He greeted me in a very warm, friendly manner & was very thorough in explaining the process. During my massage, I told him about a problem area and he was very receptive. He did a little research and then applied the information he found and I finally had relief from a knot that had been bugging me for such a long time, never really taken care of with other massages. I seriously think he was as excited about that as I was! Harrison truly cares about what he is doing and listens to what you say and tries every technique he knows to help. And if he doesn't already know a technique then he will look it up and make sure he takes the very best care of you. I highly recommend Harrison Vickers.

April B., Phoenix

  • Harrison facilitated a quick consultation prior to beginning the massage - he asked probing questions and took notes on what areas i would like extra attention. This was the true definition of a deep tissue massage. If you aren't prepared for some of the mild "discomfort" that comes with this type of massage it may not be for you. However, if you're like me and in need of this type of massage then Harrison is the guy for you. The deeper pressure was beneficial in releasing the chronic muscle tension I had due to weight lifting. He focused on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia... Post massage my pain was alleviated, and decreased muscle tension.

Brian A., Phoenix

  • From the moment I entered the landscaped courtyard, to the friendly greeting and well appointed office, to the cozy therapy room with the warm massage table and tranquil music, I was relaxed before the massage even began. Harrison discussed the areas that I wanted to focus on and the type of work that I do to help him tailor the message to my particular needs.

    Once the massage started, I knew I was in good hands. Further in, I knew I was in the hands of a professional. This was the most thorough massage I have ever experienced. Harrison's knowledge of anatomy and the techniques he used to target specific areas was amazing. From head to toe, he attended to every muscle and applied deep pressure techniques to release trigger points and working out knots. He checked in periodically to make sure I was comfortable with the pressure, but respected the silence otherwise.

    I felt very relaxed afterwards and booked my next appointment. Do yourself and your body a favor and experience a massage with Harrison!

Tim C., Phoenix

  • Best massage I've ever had. And I've had quite a few great massage therapists work on me, including talented deep tissue massage therapists. Harrison took it to a whole other level. He was so in tune with my body, strong yet gentle, and gave me mini-tutorials before performing certain stretches or sequences so I was prepared to more fully embrace the movement and I left with a deeper understanding of my body and how it uniquely works. Seriously fantastic. Don't wait to book - your body will thank you immensely.

Nathan C., Phoenix

  • Deep tissue massage is itself a complete new experience. After my first visit, I’m hooked. 
    Harrison is a professional on this. He will explain everything that he’s doing, with patience and expertise. You might feel nervous but Harrison will help you to relax and understand your body, your muscles dynamic. It’s amazing. I totally recommend it

Ariel G., Phoenix

  • I learned so much about keyboard and computer posture from talking with Harrison. The deep tissue massage made me feel so much better, sleep so much better and longer and in general be in a better mental space. What a great experience and wonderful addition to my healthcare team Proactive Therapeutic Massage is. Thank you!

Pat D., Glendale

  • The best deep tissue massage I have ever had! Harrison made me feel very comfortable and I walked out feeling 100% better than when I walked in. Thank you Harrison!

Sara B., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2016

  • Such a great experience! Harrison is very professional and knowledgable! He worked on my problem areas as well as helping me get to the root of what was causing the pain/tightness. His technique is great and today I have much better mobility in my neck and shoulders! Will definitely be scheduling another massage.

Brianna V., (Groupon), Phoenix AZ 2016

  • I got a deep tissue massage from Harrison . This was the first time I have done any kind of massage on my body. Harrison was very knowledgeable on what he was doing . He answered all my question very patiently . He explained the process of deep tissue massage before starting. Concentrated more on the pain area . It was very good experience and looking forward to visit again.

Roshan K., (Groupon), Phoenix AZ 2015

  • Excellent Massage Session! Just visited Harrison for the first time on Friday, came in with lot of pain in my shoulders, back and neck in addition tightness throughout. 90 minute session was great, lots of stretching that I had not done before. Feeling great two days later.

Chris J., (Yelp!), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Awesome massage! I booked this massage to treat myself while traveling and was very pleased that I did! Harrison is very professional & knowledgable. He takes the time to get to know you & your needs before beginning the massage. I felt amazing afterward - all the tension was gone! If I lived closer I would definitely be coming back!

Cheryl M., (Groupon), Hershey, NB 2015

  • Outstanding massage! Harrison is a wonderful massage therapist. I have fibromyalgia and was apprehensive about having a Deep Tissue vs. a Swedish massage. He explained and alleviated my concerns so I went ahead with the Deep Tissue. I am very pleased with Harrison's technique and bed side manner and will be referring him to all my friends.

Heather S., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Recieved a deep tissue therapqueitc massage from Harrison -- found him through Groupon. He is highly skilled on deep tissue techniques and the impact was amazing! He performed a technique on my tense shoulders and neck (never experienced before and i have visited numerous massage therapists) that really helped. Felt like my neck had elongated and loosened by the time I left the office! The session was very helpful to me-- recommend giving Harrison a try!

Carmelina R., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Harrison did a great job of making me feel comfortable and safe. He took the time to listen to my needs and went above and beyond to do a thorough massage. Bonus was that I feel great and my low back feels so much better.

Chris N., (Groupon), Phoenix AZ 2015

  • Five stars! I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Harrison yesterday. He did a wonderful job communicating with me prior to the appointment to understand my health history, activity level, and individual needs. When I arrived for the appointment he was attentive to my goals for the session, and he came up with a game plan to get me ready for my half marathon this upcoming weekend. The massage was productive and I feel great today! I have scheduled several additional sessions. Thanks Harrison!

Mallory F., (Groupon), Scottsdale, AZ. 2015

  • Harrison was very professional and did a great job! I entered with a lot of stress and feeling very tense, He removed both and I was feeling better immediately after. The online reservation system makes it very easy to make appointments. Will return again.

Daren W., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Amazing Experience! After starting a rigorous graduate program I started to develop innumerable aches and pains from constantly sitting. When I finally reached my breaking point I sought a deep tissue massage—and it was the best I’ve ever had! Not only did Harrison relieve my pain but I gained back a range of motion that I forgot was even possible. While some moments of the massage were intense, they were 100% completely worth it. At the end it felt like I was granted a new body. I would highly recommend Harrison to any one in need of massage! He is very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. He will really take the time to explain what is going on with your body and what measures he will take to alleviate those problems. If you’re in pain book an appointment and your body will thank you for it.

Angelique A., (Groupon) Phoenix, AZ 2015 

  • Wonderful Experience. Harrison is a professional and caring massage therapist who pays attention to detail. Unlike other massage therapists I have had in the past Harrison took the time to talk to me and find out in detail what areas needed treatment and why. My massage was exactly what I needed (a deep tissue massage). The next day I felt better, performed better during my workout and I no longer had the aches and pains in my neck and shoulders that I had been feeling. I would highly recommend Harrison.

Janice S., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Absolutely outstanding! This was by far the best massage experience I've ever had. I felt absolutely fantastic the weeks following. Planning on making a twice monthly thing. Really stellar.

Justin R., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Deep Tissue - Worth it! Scheduled a massage with Harrison after having horrible neck and shoulder pains. Originally only asked for a Swedish Massage, due to never having a massage before, and being weary of a Deep Tissue massage. Harrison spent the first half hour going over my daily routines and nailed down the key reasons for my pain. He recommended the Deep Tissue, and I am so appreciative! He was able to relieve so much built up tension in my neck, chest, and shoulders. Makes me wonder why I was ever weary of a Deep Tissue Massage. Highly recommended.

Alana T., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • I found Harrison online, as I was searching for a new massage location to try. He has excellent reviews, so I decided to make an appointment, and I am really glad I did! He is very friendly and professional. I am currently in my second trimester, and he was very knowledgeable and accommodating to the unique needs of pregnancy. He worked on the areas that really needed help expertly! I feel great today and re-energized after a long flight. Cannot wait to return.

–  Annabel C., (Groupon), Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Long-time happy customer here. Harrison's technical skill brings me back. Precise, intuitive deep-tissue work. Very effective techniques to loosen up tight shoulders for desk jockey types like me. And I really appreciate the consistency of his treatements from appointment to appointment. Very professional. Highly recommended.

– Bill H., Scottsdale, AZ 2015

  • I found Harrison through a deal offer 4 years ago. I went because a massage sounded good and the deal was fair. 4 years later, I'm still seeing Harrison, every month, without fail. Harrison greets you with a smile and immediately starts assessing you, head to toe, calling out anything that looks awry. After asking a couple of questions, he gets to work. I had never before had a massage that left me feeling realigned. Relaxed, sure. But what Harrison does for me is more than relaxing. He manages to realign those things that are out of whack, which in turn creates an overall feeling of euphoria. It's that high that keeps me coming back.

    If you're looking for an honest, down to earth genuine soul, take it upon yourself to make an appointment now. You will not be disappointed.

– Brian M., Phoenix, AZ, 2015

  • Setting the appt online was seamless and convenient.  Mr. Vickers provided quality work, he took time to understand what my issues before we got started,  He provided me with information and instructions for what to expect over the next couple days.  He was very personable and friendly,  his service is definitely worth returning to!

– Kimberly C., Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Harrison does amazing work -- really appreciate the additional time that he took to discuss stretching, ways to change my office environment to decrease tension, and other methods to reduce my aches and pains! Anyone looking for a massage therapist who truly takes the time to listen and understand your needs -- and goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service --should schedule an appt with Harrison immediately!

– Lacey K,, Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • Harrison is great! I have a chronic condition that requires me to get a massage every 2-3 weeks, so I purchase the multi-packs saving a bit of money along the way. I always look forward to seeing Harrison and always leave physically better off than when I arrive

    For example: This last massage I was having issues with shin-splints. Harrison always will focus on a particular area of your body, if you wish, and I must say, absolutely nailed the shin-splint problem that I was having before the visit. Other times, if there is not a specific area of pain for me, he will do a general, all-around great deep-tissue or relaxing, therapeutic massage, and I always feel energized! Thanks Harrison!

– Ross B., Phoenix, AZ, 2015

  • I have been seeing Harrison for a couple of years now. I carry all my stress in my shoulders and neck and I need more than a gentle massage to get it out. Harrison is not afraid to apply deep pressure and work those knots out of me. Yes there is some tenderness afterwards, but getting my flexibility back is worth it. He's very attentive to what my needs are for that visit and will focus on that area alone if necessary. I recently went in with terrible neck and back kinks. Harrison showed me a technique to stretch my neck that hurt like hell but I'll be damned because suddenly I could turn my head and look behind myself again! It was amazing! 

Harrison will take the time to explain to you what muscles are causing you trouble and explain what is going on with your body. He'll offer recommendations of exercises that will help with your condition. Because I've been his client for so long, he's very honest with me about neglecting my health and I'm open to his concerns. Sometimes we all need someone to point out to us what we already know but pretend we don't know. If you're an athlete or a stress monster like me, you will benefit from Harrison's services.

– Tracee A., Phoenix, AZ, 2015

  • I have a congenital leg deformity which causes leg muscles and joints to be very painful. Harrison is very knowledgeable and skilled and his deep tissue work on me relieves pain and restriction of movement. He can work on any type of muscle tension and injury to assist in regaining and maintaining health and fitness. He also has great knowledge of trigger point work. He will review what is going on with your body then work with you to get it healing.

– Cindy P., Laveen, AZ 2015

  • I have been getting my monthly massage from Harrison for over 4 years now. He is one of the only true deep tissue therapeutic massages around. I would and have recommended him to many people. It is my favorite day of the month.

– Brian K., Phoenix, AZ, 2015

  • Although I've requested deep tissue massages at hotels or spas while on vacation, I learned after visiting with Harrison recently that they weren't the real deal.  Though Harrison certainly was!  He made me feel comfortable and relaxed and helped work through some troubled spots that had built up a significant amount of tension because of my cross-fitting, running and poor posture at work.  

    I would definitely recommend Harrison to anyone -- even those hard-to-please massage connoisseurs -- who wants to reduce stress, pain and tension.  Plus I got a kick out of the background music and was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing it was :)

– Alessandra S., Phoenix, AZ 2015

  • My previous therapist had retired, and also gave a therapeutic massage which I thought I would never find again.  Then on a referral went to Harrison.  He is amazing and just what I was looking for!  I have a stressful job and work out regularly causing lots of tension and things to work out.  He always asks before we start if I have any particular issues, and we go right to work on those. Recently I came in with some knee pain and thought it was related to my IT band which had gotten out of whack before.  He went to work releasing my IT band, and my knee pain was gone the next day.  If I don't have a specific area, we do an all over deep tissue therapeutic massage.  I look forward to seeing Harrison every month.  Harrison always finds the spots that need it the most and I always feel great.

– Abby M., Scottsdale, AZ, 2015

  • Harrison really listens to you, your body, and what your issues are. I have thoracic outlet syndrome and he really got some thoracic release and relief for me in just one session. He puts the “therapy” in the term therapeutic massage. Awesome massage!

– Elaine C., Phoenix, AZ  2014

  • I highly recommend Harrison at ProActive Therapeutic Massage. I have had pain in my shoulder and back for years. Sometimes the pain was so bad I couldn't move my upper body without crying. I have been to general doctors, orthopedic doctors, chiropractors and other massage therapists. The doctors prescribed physical therapy which I tried several times but it never helped. The chiropractors and other therapists gave me some temporary relief for my back but nothing that lasted more than a week. Harrison loosened the area which started to help. Then, in one session, he used trigger point therapy and the pain went away! So far it's been two months and I've had no pain. My body feels more relaxed and balanced than it has in years. I cannot describe how grateful I am to have my life back. Please, please, try this therapeutic massage. You will be amazed.

– Karrisa N., Phoenix, AZ  2014

  • Harrison is warm, caring and very professional. I enjoyed the ambiance of his studio and felt very comfortable there. He has a unique massage technique and is very good at what he does. I look forward to receiving his massages on a regular basis.

– Anonymous, LivingSocial.com 2014

  • I'm happy to be able to write a review, as I have been sharing my joy with everyone I know. I have had many massages, but this was the best! Harrison was very professional, gentle but strong, and extremely skilled. I believe he has a rare ability to understand his client's needs. He found my trouble spots quickly, went right to work, and I felt wonderful afterwards--and for days after that.

– Barbara M., Phoenix, AZ  2014

  • Proactive Therapeutic Massage provided the type of therapeutic massage I've been searching for, for over a year. I've finally found it. This is a very professional business that provides excellent results!

– Anonymous, LivingSocial.com 2013

  • The best massage I have ever had. Harrison was able to release the knots in my back. I left feeling great.

– Anonymous,  LivingSocial.com 2013

  • Fantastic personality and extremely professional. Loved it.  

– Anonymous,  LivingSocial.com 2013

  • Harrison is a very busy, very professional, very talented therapist.  His knowledge of anatomy and muscle function is extraordinary and he makes his clients feel extremely comfortable and leave with a brand new lease on life.  Absolutely 5-star business.

– Dr. Evan D., Fountain Hills, AZ 2011